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Unsafe Spaces

The best learning experiences are indeed while the student is in a position of (intellectual) discomfort, but this is only effective when the discomfort is limited in scope, is specific, is relevant, and has been sought by the student from a position of comfort. Continue reading

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Enthusiasm Breeds Enthusiasm

Today I gave a talk at a University of Surrey Open Day about my MPhys research year and what I’ve learned from it. Several months on, I think it’s interesting to see how my thoughts on it have evolved – … Continue reading

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Revival! And More SPADs

Well I honestly thought that final year at University would have me seeing more spare time, but that was naive of me and of course I had to neglect one of my hobbies. Anyway, I’ve managed to find some time … Continue reading

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Crossing the Finish Line

Today I finished my 10 month long MPhys research placement at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Ten months is unusually short for a placement student, but this year has felt less like a sprint and more like a marathon. When I … Continue reading

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