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Liability, or REliability?

Someone graciously linked my Statlords of Shamanor post on Reddit the other day, in this post which discusses stat weights. I was flattered to have the attention of a major part of the community, and even better an interesting question … Continue reading

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“Probably” Correct

Nerd Sniping Today I saw a brilliant little bit of nerd-sniping on Facebook; If you were to choose the answer to this question randomly, what is the probability that you would get it right? A) 25% B) 50% C) 60% … Continue reading

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The Programming Game

When I was learning my first programming language (Fortran 95) two or three years ago, the students in my class had a fun little game; to see who could solve the problem in the fewest number of lines of code! … Continue reading

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Quantum Ignorance

“Quantum ignorance” might sound like a joke, like something a non-scientist might say to show they know nothing whatsoever about quantum mechanics. Well, here’s the punchline; “quantum ignorance” is a real thing in quantum mechanics. Even better, I’ll explain why … Continue reading

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