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Word Explainer

One of the hardest things to master as a writer is the appropriate use of vocabulary to get ones point across effectively and engagingly to the target audience. So, as an author, what happens when your word processor pops up … Continue reading

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I’m SO Excited! You know what they say, right? “Alpha information is like buses, you wait ages and then the community explodes while you’re asleep”. Or something like that. While I was sleeping last night, the ENTIRE WoW community exploded … Continue reading

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SPADs Update: Introduction!

Today I published the first little bit of the “Rough Guide to SPADs” project which I’ve been going on about. I’m publishing these sections more or less as I’m writing them, so they might be a little occasional. However, you … Continue reading

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Community: A Proposal

One of the things I keep thinking I’d like to see is more people from my area and interest range blogging. By this I mean more Physics (at Surrey or at least at University) and more communication between them. Ideally, … Continue reading

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Blog Productivity Flow

My Blog productivity flow is an interesting one; if it were a fluid, the Reynold’s number would be somewhat over one hundred thousand. I tend to try to write posts in as much advance as possible, but inspiration is somewhat … Continue reading

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