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Conference Coincidence

I had to explain the talk in simple and straightforward terms – a kind of reinforcement which helped me engage better with the subject and absorb more of the content. Continue reading

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Historical Entanglement

Scientists must become historians if we wish to survive… Continue reading

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Hydrogen Wavefunction “Holiday Update”

I took some time off this week to visit some family and do some wedding planning. It was fun, and while I was away I took some time to write an update to my Hydrogen Wavefunction project on GitHub. In … Continue reading

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The “P” in PhD stands for Programmer.

I’ve been looking at future careers recently, and one general piece of advice I had for most of the careers I’m interested in involve showing rather than telling people about my skills. I definitely consider programming one of my best skills (I’m … Continue reading

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Sympathy Levels Failing, Cap’n!

Tim Hunt recently made some rather ill-advised comments regarding women in science, and caused quite the Twitter storm. So much so, in fact, that it was all over the news – every scientist I know (many) has an opinion. Quite … Continue reading

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An Instructive Example on Gender

This industry is rife with misunderstanding. There are important debates to be had about the way things are handled in the industry, and some of those issues touch on contentious gender-based ideas. Women in this industry experience extensive harassment, or … Continue reading

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Mr. Bean Goes on Experiment – pt. 2

So last week I posted a wildly popular post about my misadventures in the Netherlands, humorously comparing myself to Rowan Atkinson. I am not worthy! With all the hilarity over, I did eventually get down to the more serious business … Continue reading

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I want to put WoW on my CV

Photocopying, Optical Characterization, World of Warcraft… I often wonder why it’s such a faux pas to mention video games on a CV. Not only, in my opinion, are they a highly advanced form of art, but playing games well shows … Continue reading

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Get Angry!

Today I had a good day. Like, I actually had a good day. For the past couple of months of my PhD I’ve become accustomed to a state of being where I turn up to work, try not to ruin … Continue reading

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Screw-ups? Me?

Since I last posted about my PhD I’ve been hard at work on my PhD project, understanding how my new algorithm works, how to control it, and how to get the best out of it. You’d think that because I … Continue reading

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