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Casualcore: Cards, Computers, and Competition

Since I quit World of Warcraft years ago, I’ve often lacked a consistent source of things to say for this blog. Sometimes I have ideas, but more often than not I can’t feel strongly enough about it import to commit … Continue reading

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Critiquing a Book’s Paragraphs

When was the last time you heard or saw people arguing about how a book’s paragraphs could be formatted? What about camera maintenance for this movie? How to make the high-hats better on a music track? What type of brush a … Continue reading

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The “Best” Game Mechanic.

An acquaintance posed a difficult question to me today: “What is the most interesting game mechanic you have seen?”

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A Review Of :: Gnomoria

“Fortress-Like” Gameplay In Beautiful Pixel-Art Aesthetic Gnomoria is perhaps the best example of a “Dwarf Fortress BUT” game I’ve encountered. This game takes the fundamental fantasy of the genre (oversee a group of beings and help them survive by defining … Continue reading

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Even More Dishonored-er

To call me conflicted about the sequel to one of my favourite games ever is… probably an understatement. Here’s why. Let me be clear about this: Dishonored rocked. I love it for so many reasons my brain can barely fit them … Continue reading

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Darkest Deconstruction

There’s been a lot of good words said about Darkest Dungeon (by Red Hook Studios), a new dungeon-crawler-tactical-turn-based-gothic-horror-themed RPG in Early Access at the moment on Steam. I’m generally not a fan of early access games, but Darkest Dungeon is … Continue reading

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EA Says!

I read a news report today that made me a little bit sick in my mouth, so I thought it would be fun to deconstruct it a bit and discuss why I think EA is one of the weirdest games … Continue reading

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