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Critiquing a Book’s Paragraphs

When was the last time you heard or saw people arguing about how a book’s paragraphs could be formatted? What about camera maintenance for this movie? How to make the high-hats better on a music track? What type of brush a … Continue reading

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The “Best” Game Mechanic.

An acquaintance posed a difficult question to me today: “What is the most interesting game mechanic you have seen?”

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A Review Of :: Gnomoria

“Fortress-Like” Gameplay In Beautiful Pixel-Art Aesthetic Gnomoria is perhaps the best example of a “Dwarf Fortress BUT” game I’ve encountered. This game takes the fundamental fantasy of the genre (oversee a group of beings and help them survive by defining … Continue reading

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Even More Dishonored-er

To call me conflicted about the sequel to one of my favourite games ever is… probably an understatement. Here’s why. Let me be clear about this: Dishonored rocked. I love it for so many reasons my brain can barely fit them … Continue reading

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Darkest Deconstruction

There’s been a lot of good words said about Darkest Dungeon (by Red Hook Studios), a new dungeon-crawler-tactical-turn-based-gothic-horror-themed RPG in Early Access at the moment on Steam. I’m generally not a fan of early access games, but Darkest Dungeon is … Continue reading

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EA Says!

I read a news report today that made me a little bit sick in my mouth, so I thought it would be fun to deconstruct it a bit and discuss why I think EA is one of the weirdest games … Continue reading

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Depth vs. Complexity in Raiding

a.k.a “Why 10 Player Formats Are Better” Many pages have been devoted by fans of Warcraft’s raiding scene to whether one raid format is harder than the others. This conversation started way back in the era of Wrath of the Lich … Continue reading

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