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The Hidden Family Member

I’ve known for a while that there’s something special about Facebook when compared to other social networks. It’s for friends, but many of the people on there aren’t actually my friends. It’s for family, but it doesn’t actually involve much … Continue reading

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Take 5 – Time To Talk

This is one of those short but complicated posts that I want to write sometimes but never pull up the courage to. Time To Talk, and its associated hashtag (#timetotalk) on Twitter have given me a reason to, so here … Continue reading

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2014 In Review

Passion; fear and hope At the core experience But Happy New Year spacer

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Public Transport

Travelling home today. Travelling home today! Eleven hours of travelling home today. Eleven hours of pain today. Home’s eleven boring hours hencefrom, At least there’s Sunday once it’s done. This poem is brought to you by global public transport – … Continue reading

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A Debate on Sexualization in Videogames :: A “Review”

I had the honor and privilege to attend a debate at the University of Surrey tonight hosted by the Student’s Union’s Debate Society – the subject was the sexualization of women in videogames. The opposing sides were the SU’s Feminist … Continue reading

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An Instructive Example on Gender

This industry is rife with misunderstanding. There are important debates to be had about the way things are handled in the industry, and some of those issues touch on contentious gender-based ideas. Women in this industry experience extensive harassment, or … Continue reading

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Hashtag: Gamer, Hashtag: Harassment

Anybody paying the slightest bit of attention to games-related parts of the internet will have heard, at least in passing, of the “gamergate” hashtag on Twitter. You may even have followed or supported it. I’d like to say that, regardless … Continue reading

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