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The “Best” Game Mechanic.

An acquaintance posed a difficult question to me today: “What is the most interesting game mechanic you have seen?”

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Hydrogen Wavefunction “Holiday Update”

I took some time off this week to visit some family and do some wedding planning. It was fun, and while I was away I took some time to write an update to my Hydrogen Wavefunction project on GitHub. In … Continue reading

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The “P” in PhD stands for Programmer.

I’ve been looking at future careers recently, and one general piece of advice I had for most of the careers I’m interested in involve showing rather than telling people about my skills. I definitely consider programming one of my best skills (I’m … Continue reading

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Word Therapy

Funny thing, time. We don’t really understand it properly. We treat it in different ways in different areas of Physics, where it might be continuous or discrete; real or “parametric”; independent or fundamentally woven into space. It’s not usually very … Continue reading

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