A Heartfealt Sense Of Loss

We are all complex balls of thoughts and emotions spinning through a void of time and space. Most of our interactions with people are meaningful, but don’t perturb the others’ paths much. Sometimes, another person comes along and they set you spinning along a new path; your personal trajectory is forever changed by these people.

Such was the case with an old raid buddy of mine – a man who persuaded me to start raiding and began my career as a healer. This man taught me a lot of things: about leadership, about discipline in team-working environments, about giving honest feedback to friends and colleagues. While I was still working out my own personal identity, the few months we raided together left a lasting effect on my personality. I would not be the same person today without his example. Today I learned that he passed away, and now I am mourning the loss of a stranger who changed my life through the ones and zeroes of the internet.

Most of the time, you don’t realize who affects your trajectory until too late. You can but remember, and be thankful: for their life, and the bits of it they gave to you.

Thank you dude, and rest in peace.

About stoove

A physicist, researcher, and gamesman. Likes to think about the mathematics and mechanics behind all sorts of different things, and writing up the thoughts for you to read. A competent programmer, enjoys public speaking and mechanical keyboards. Has opinions which might even change from time to time.
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