In Their Words: What A Mythic Disappointment

On Thursday night, I wrote a rather emotional post about how Mythic raiding has disappointed me and my guild, made my life measurably worse, and taken away something precious to me. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to take much notice.

Ho boy, was I in for a surprise!

I’ve received a huge number of responses from people all over the internet, most of whom are in a similar position to my guild. I’ve been completely bowled over by the passion and the bitter disappointment expressed in the responses I’ve seen is touching. Moreover, the points made have been eloquently expressed and hit points which I couldn’t express on my own. Here, then, is what some of my readers had to say about their experiences. I treasure each and every one of these posts.

We have had the same problem in our guild – we had 17 fitting into 10 in SoO but everything was great. However now, even the progression through Heroic has caused us to almost break apart at the seams. Thankfully we had a big guild meeting and realised that probably Mythic isn’t going to be achievable for dedicated but social raiders who are above average, but no more. Borg

But every raid night I end with asking myself “do I want to keep doing this?” and it’s not a good place to be in. I’m not an overly social person, I like small intimate gatherings, not large woo-hah parties, but I find now that to engage in a hobby I enjoy(ed) – raiding – I have to go to the big woo-hah party. And that’s not only lacking in gameplay fun, but is mentally and emotionally stressful.Navigator Black

Having 10 good people might be hard, but recruiting 10 more clearly ruins the fun. So we began a wide recruitement to be competitive on Mythic Highmaul but we barely defeated Twins in a month… quite disappointing when we were top 3 on our realm before. We expected to get 20 good and friendly players for Foundry but it’s tempting to be with your friends only with the flex system on normal and heroic. […]  “Community will adapt” and I’m sure it will take a lot of time, maybe a year to adapt to 20-man raiding. But it’s not impossible to recruit some good players even if it takes time. I believe in “casualcore” ! Salyein

I’ve never enjoyed 25-man raiding. I’ve always felt disconnected from the rest of the group, rather than an integral part of a team. For me, the dynamics are all just wrong and hold no interest. Granted, it’s their game, but by making this sweeping change, Blizzard have totally invalidated my experiences and “love of the game”. Forcing these close knit 10-man groups into not just increasing, but doubling their rosters is a mistake. We can still raid as a 10-man group, but no longer at a difficulty level that provides the necessary challenge and incentive to login week after week, month after month. – Simon

I hate this situation. HC isn’t hard enough, yet our group isn’t big enough for mythic…so people quit. Lost half our group.Jeanett

I completely agree. Same thing happened to my guild from MoP. We couldnt handle 20man, not enough recruits to continue progression. in the end we split up. RL quit, GM quit, everyone went their separate ways. We had a good 10 core. =( Super sad & disappointing.Mojofosho

Guilds like yours on the border between Heroic and Mythic (WoD terms) absolutely took the brunt of the raiding changes.Fierydemise

I feel this also. My 10 man team has raided together for 5 years. Suddenly trying to double has been frustrating. I also feel 25 man guilds were dropping off for a reason. I’m sad that bliz didn’t take that into account and pick a smaller number.Melissa

Two weeks ago our guild had the same issue come up, trying to make the transition resulted in weaker players (no disrespect) being brought along, and weakened the team over all making it not fun for officership and players both. The unfortunate result was our 6 strongest players server transferred to raid with another guild in a similar situation.Jack

I’d like to thank everyone who responded from the bottom of my heart. Knowing that there are other people out there who have struggled the same way we have has helped me understand and contextualize what has been a very difficult few months for our guild and the leadership. If anyone else out there has guild failures (or near failures) to share, I’d love to hear more of them. And if you’re going through that painful stage right now and struggling to decide what to do?

Once you make that decision, it is much more fun to play, no more stress over people making the cut, or needing to replace folks. – Jack

There’s no shame in admitting that you’re not playing WoW to be miserable. Take my advice – look after Number One.

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A physicist, researcher, and gamesman. Likes to think about the mathematics and mechanics behind all sorts of different things, and writing up the thoughts for you to read. A competent programmer, enjoys public speaking and mechanical keyboards. Has opinions which might even change from time to time.
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3 Responses to In Their Words: What A Mythic Disappointment

  1. Navigator Black says:

    I wonder if Blizzard hears any comments like this, or even cares. Apparently subscription numbers are back up to a nice, stable, 10 million, so they’re probably not going to lose sleep over a disenfranchised minority of players.

    Personally I have no interest in Mythic (I was never an heroic raider), and was content with the challenges of normal (flex was too easy). But as I said before, never again will I see 10 man raiding (at any level), and that’s a very sad loss and a regression to the game.
    If there did come a 10 Mythic, I’d probably push myself into it.

    • stoove says:

      You know, I think they read things like this. The problem is, I find it very hard to tell because it often feels like only the people with the biggest platforms actually get responses. My platform (as much as I am grateful for it) is nowhere near that kind of level.

      So I guess we’ll never know?

  2. Navigator Black says:

    Unless they specifically make the change with the acknowledgement of “people have asked us to do this”, no, we never will.
    It’s odd to, as they still specify 10-man raids in patch notes.

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