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I get quite a few requests for different topics of Theorycraft, and sadly I can’t do them all. Work being what it is for me (unforgiving even when I’m not out of the country), I have to prioritize what’s interesting and what’s most useful.


One such request recently was to look at the Highmaul and Blackrock healer trinkets and make Best in Slot recommendations for Resto Shaman. I admit that this isn’t something I’m normally interested in, but having just looked in detail at Resto’s stat weights it occurred to me that this is a really excellent application of the results.

Today, then, I’ll be recommending which trinkets you should be looking to pick up in the next few weeks.


Decisions, Decisions

We have to make our choices of trinket on some consistent basis, so let’s start by outlining what that basis will be. The basic idea is to utilize the stat weights which I came out with in this post to judge the “net rotational worth” of each epic trinket. The basic method is this;

  1. Take the static stats for each trinket
  2. Calculate the mean values of any procs or on-use bonuses
  3. Multiply the aggregate stats on each trinket by their respective stat weights
  4. Sum the results of step (3) to find the total aggregate “value” of each trinket
  5. The trinkets with the best aggregate value is the winner!

There will be some nuances in interpretation due to the different mechanics of each kind of non-static benefit, but we will address that in a later stage of the post.

I calculated the values for trinkets from Heroic raids (i.e. old-style Normal) because that’s what’s opening soonest. Similar calculations would apply to Mythic trinkets. You can find a copy of my spreadsheet with the calculations here. A note about Versatility and Spirit; I didn’t calculate values for these in the aforementioned post – Spirit is highly valued right now so I used a weight of 0.9, and Versatility is lowly valued right now so I used a value of 0.1. Since you get 5% more Intellect from gear from your Armour Mastery, I upped the rating of Intellect from 1 to 1.05. The iLvl of the character I assumed to be between 630 and 640.


I managed to produce a table of the results which rates the trinkets according to their total value; the best are rated with a star, the next best are rated with half a star, and the worst are rated with no stars. That makes it easier to see which ones you should be looking out for in the coming few weeks. Note: Updated for the hotfixes on 02 Dec ’14.

4th update.

There are three sets of iLvl values for the Heroic level epics, so I have sorted them by iLvl first, and then their total value.

The results are interesting, if not entirely surprising. The trinkets which have Intellect and Spirit as stats are significantly better than those without – Ironspike Chew Toy and Everburning Candle are by far the best from this point of view. Most of the 680 iLvl trinkets are above average, and there are several iLvl 670 which you will want to get (Emblem of Caustic Healing or Mark of Rapid Replication) in lieu of Ironspike Chew Toy or Everburning Candle. An honourable mention goes to Quiescent for second-best iLvl 670 raid dropped trinket.

Note also that the Winged Hourglass (crafted trinket) only starts to become competitive with the better raid drops once it’s upgraded to Tier 2, and it won’t be really one of the best until Tier 3, which is a lot of effort to put in to one trinket. Auto-Repairing Autoclave or Emblem of Caustic Healing would be ones to pick up in the mean time if you really insist on getting the Hourglass to Tier 3.

The |...> notation is known as a "ket".

The |…> notation is known as a “ket”. It’s not a very good joke.


No post on things with finnicky mechanics would be complete without a little discussion on where the Theorycraft might go awry. Let’s start by acknowledging that the stat weights I used do have their faults and you should therefore understand where the stat weights came from in order to understand why Intellect is rated so highly. Haste is also rated highly, which is a cause for concern for some people – this is still intentional on my part.

In addition, I have assumed that the trinket procs and on-use values tend to their long-term uptime limit. That is to say that I’ve neglected to take into account the finite nature of fight length – RPPM trinkets are rated slightly higher and on-use slightly lower when one starts to take this into account. However, I think trinkets like Ironspike Chew Toy are sufficiently far ahead of the pack for them to stay so even when this is taken into account.

Another thing which you should take into account when looking at these results is that some of them might fit better into your playstyle than others, even if they aren’t strictly the best in terms of raw stat value. For instance, one might choose Auto-Repairing Autoclave over Ironspike Chew Toy for fights where Haste is going to be important to you.

To follow that one up, you might find that the Mark of Rapid Replication (for instance) is better suited to you due to its static stats in comparison to the (technically higher stat valued) Emblem of Caustic Healing.

For what it’s worth, I will probably end up using the Ironspike Chew Toy and either the Auto-Repairing Autoclave or one of the two static-value trinkets (Runestone or Rapid Replication, depending on Spirit necessity) as I’m unlikely to get or buy a world drop or a crafted T3 trinket.

So there you go! Ironspike Chew Toy is (in my opinion) Best in Slot for this raid tier, followed by Everburning Candle and Tier 3 Winged Hourglass. Let’s just hope that we all get lucky with the drops money this tier!

About stoove

A physicist, researcher, and gamesman. Likes to think about the mathematics and mechanics behind all sorts of different things, and writing up the thoughts for you to read. A competent programmer, enjoys public speaking and mechanical keyboards. Has opinions which might even change from time to time.
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12 Responses to Trink It

  1. xt93 says:

    As of today people are saying the candle use have been changed:
    I don’t like being forced to buy BoEs…

    • stoove says:

      That calculation was originally made with the post-hotfix values. I had to update the rest of the spreadsheet to take into account the other post-hotfix values, and include the three tiers of Winged Hourglass as well. Updated the post! 🙂

  2. Akoras says:

    Great analysis as always a joy to read your posts stoove 🙂
    And I have to say as a physics student I loved your “ket” notation joke, made my day 😉

  3. Lavakropust says:

    What about Candle trinket after the yesterday`s nerf?

  4. Jenseits says:


    love your site and appreciate the trinket analysis you made.
    I´m wondering whether you could consider implementing the Highmaul Mythic trinkets as well?

  5. Ariandra says:

    How do you feel about the Winged Hourglass being upgradeable to 4/4 for Heroic/Mythic Progress in BRF? I currently have it 3/3 and equipped alongside my beloved EBC. I am 4/7 Mythic (Guild is 5/7) in Highmaul, and was wondering if it’d be worthwhile to upgrade the Hourglass to step into BRF. I imagine it’d be very strong throughout at least Heroic BRF. I’d personally look into replacing Candle with the Ironspike Chew Toy.

    • Eminercy says:


      I’m no expert, but since the 4/4 upgrade doesn’t come into the game until patch 6.1 which will be released at an undetermined date, it won’t be available to you for at least a month, maybe two. Chances are that by the time it’s implemented, you may have replaced it with a better trinket anyways. But at the same time, it may actually be better than most (or all) of the heroic trinkets since they’re the same ilvl. So it may be worth (but I’m sure that at least the Chew Toy will be better) but I’ll leave that to the real theorycrafters. 🙂

  6. Leau says:

    Does anyone know if the WHG and ISCT share a CD, or can they be used together?

  7. Ariandra says:

    I don’t think there’s an ICD on ISCT, I’ve seen it proc back to back. Squeak squeak!

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