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Stoove has been away in pandaland killing things for Pandas. Normal service will resume next week. Advertisements

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On Restoration Shaman’s Relationship With Critical Strike

Introduction Today’s post is all about stats for Resto Shaman in Mists of Pandaria. I have some very important notes and caveats to state before I get into the graphs, but first a short introduction. It’s been a long time … Continue reading

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Introducing… IGLU!

I want to shout for a bit about a developing project that myself and my peer and good friend Matt have started called the Integrated Game of Life Universe (IGLU for short). This is a project we’re both extremely excited about for … Continue reading

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Restoration Shaman, Peeking Into The Mists!

So the patch has arrived and with it have come a load of lovely new talents, buttons, mechanics, and so on! The fun of MoP has officially begun! Lots of people seem to be confused, or seem to be having … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Data, Tech & Policy:
When I am doing research, I often think of the Feynman Problem-Solving Algorithm, supposedly coined in jest by another Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Murray Gell-Mann, about Richard Feynman‘s innate problem-solving ability: Write down the…

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Just for Fun

Here are the “Top Searches” for my blog in the past week. I find them amusing. mass of bit of ipod jim al-khalili igel project a scientific point of view state jims helmholtz equation

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Originally posted on Robinince's Blog:
A couple of years ago, I wrote a piece for a BBC website to coincide with a Radio 4 documentary about Richard Feynman. Here is a rewritten, considerably longer version with a variety of…

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