Coming Up!

Here’s a list of work-in-progress articles you might want to know about:

Handling the Pressures of a Research Year – my take on the pressures of undertaking an MPhys research year and the conflicts that come into play working in a partially commercial environment.

The Schwinger Limit and Awesome Laser Physics – make a mirror out of light and use it to reflect light so you can literally boil the quantum vacuum. This’ll be a biggie!

2-Healing Ultraxion and Spine of Deathwing – My take on the process and finer points of running low on healers in the later end of Dragon Soul (AKA 2-healers-1-boss part 2!) Including tips on execution of Ultraxion.

Also many more projects on the way.

In the meantime, how about reading @_Reliq_ ‘s blogpost about Harvest Moon! Compare to my own take on it if you like.

No worries!


About stoove

A physicist, researcher, and gamesman. Likes to think about the mathematics and mechanics behind all sorts of different things, and writing up the thoughts for you to read. A competent programmer, enjoys public speaking and mechanical keyboards. Has opinions which might even change from time to time.
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