Ten things to do this year

So I’ve been ridiculously busy recently, I’m trying to get an article written about Synaesthesia, work my ass off for the Student’s Union, not spend money, party like it’s Freshers Week (which it has been), and at the same time run Physoc and get trips and ideas organized.

Not easy when everyone you know is telling you to do stuff as well! Right?

But now I’ve got a spare 10 minutes and I’m at home (I know! Unheard of!), I thought I’d share some plans for this year. This is in the form of a countdown to the biggest most amazing thing to do so sorry if it bores you but after all this is a quick post and style is lower on my list of priorities than, say, dancing around my room to ABBA going down to Tescos to buy food.

10) Rifles! Rifle Club was at Freshers Fair again this year and they finally have the permission of the Home Office to set up the sports club, so they should be setting up no problems soon! It’ll be nice to get back into the sport after so long 🙂

9) Write for The Stag! I’ve been intending to write for them for a while now and I’ve never quite got around to it! But Having settled on a topic and found someone to answer questions about it I actually have material to write with… so hopefully you’ll see an article on Synaesthesia in The Stag sometime this year.

8) Be incredibly busy! My philosophy for this year is that if I’m not doing something or worrying about something, I’m doing it wrong! So I shall be working mega hard all year. Saturday mornings reserved for sleep of course 🙂

7) Save money! I’ve learned a lot about how to do it from last year, but the challenge is actually making it work. I’m starting by getting together with my housemates and doing meals together. Hopefully I’ll be able to save enough money over the year to pay for all the other stuff I want to do in the year! =D

6) Make a movie – I signed up to both MAD TV and Musical Theatre Society yesterday so I’m hoping I can help to make a movie about something! MT-Soc are putting on Rent the musical (I’ve never heard of it but apparently there are lesbians in it so it sounds worth reading at least). I’d love to get into it a bit, I guess we’ll see what happens :O

5) Canoeing! All I can say is YAAAAAAY! I’m freer this year so I’m going to spend time doing something I can’t get enough of: dicking around in boats and capsizing  😛

4) Learn Physics! OK so this isn’t anything new but who cares? I love my subject. This semester I’ve got fun sounding lectures like Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics and all sorts of fun. Maybe I’ll even get to read The Feynman Lectures this year! 😀

3) Nerdstock! Or 9 Songs and Carols for Godless People as it’s officially known. Basically a mashup of music, comedy and science to celebrate the end of the year in an entirely secular but nevertheless festive way. Ben Goldacre and Robin Ince will be there, they’re sold out already so if you didn’t know about it yet you have missed out! 😛

2) PENDULUM! I’ve got tickets to see the most amazing live band in the universe this December, and at Wembley as well! I’m already pumped! Bring on the raves 😛

1) Project Adventure – Physoc is entering a whole new amazing time of ambition and naivety! Our ultimate awesome aim for the year is to get together with the other Physics Societies in the Southeast Physics Network (SEPNet – about 7 or 8 departments I think) and organize a Grand Physics Ball! Our major long term goal is to get everybody talking and get a trip to CERN set up for sometime in the academic year 2011-12. This is a huge project and there’s good reason to be excited about it! 😀

This year will be a fun one, so I’m sure I’ll have an awful lot to write about if very little time to actually write in! Guess we’ll find out huh?


About stoove

A physicist, researcher, and gamesman. Likes to think about the mathematics and mechanics behind all sorts of different things, and writing up the thoughts for you to read. A competent programmer, enjoys public speaking and mechanical keyboards. Has opinions which might even change from time to time.
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